3 Amazing things that happened at Reeforest this February

We launched a new tour Kangaroos on the beach.  It is an amazing experience seeing Australian Wildlife at sunrise on the beach at Cape Hillsborough.  We saw lots of people on the beach amongst the Kangaroos taking lots of photos with the sun rising in the background over the Whitsunday Islands with a cup of coffee.  Our customers get an up close experience amongst the wildlife in a picturesque scene.

We also had the pleasure of taking a group of people from Mackay  Tourism and other organisations to go to the Eungella Chalet at Eungella for a instameet to capture sunrise over the Pioneer Valley.  Leaving the information centre at 4am, the group travelled along the Pioneer Valley to get to the Eungella Chalet before sunrise.  The morning unfortunately was cloudy but it was the only time they could go due to work commitments, as it is better to go when there is no cloud around.  When they had finished taking their photos everyone enjoyed taking in the views with their coffee thanks to the staff at the Eungella Chalet.  There was 13 people who took part in the instameet to take photos to put on their instagram to capture Mackay at various times of the day and to promote the Mackay area.  If you are interested in the instameet please contact Mackay Tourism and ask for Nele.

Since being ask to help with the setup of getting fans to and from the NRL games being held in Mackay with the first one being held in Mackay in 2015.  We were asked to do it again this February with the Cowboys and Roosters game.  We improved our services by going a different route from the MECC to the stadium.  The benefits of catching the bus to the game is that there is not a lot of parking at and near the stadium where there is lots of parking at and near the MECC and also not getting stuck in traffic.  If you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you.

If you are needing a coach to book for school excursions, group bookings or would like to go some where for the day give us a call as we can book any size coach at a reasonable price.

We also have a face book page with all our details on ways to contact us.

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